Sunday, March 6, 2016


This crack appeared on my windshield out of nowhere, and on my birthday no less.
Thanks, Universe.
After empirically proving that I could not wish away the crack, I called around and made an appointment to get the whole windshield replaced (argh). Cost aside, I actually had myself talked into an enjoyable and productive morning of errand running, reading and phone call returning while I waited for the work to be done. Multi-tasking queen.

But then little guy threw up his breakfast. And the whole day changed as we would now be a party of two for the windshield adventure. Too far to train it home, we were stuck for at least a few hours. Temperature: a sunny 19.

A funny thing happened, though, with this unexpected, unstructured time to ourselves.
We wandered.
We searched for Great White Sharks.

Great news, the city is safe. Little guy thought he saw some penguins, though.
We found a Toys R Us and spent, no exaggeration, an hour looking around.
We'll pretend it was like going to a museum... a museum of capitalism and desire. We managed to escape with just one purchase, and a pretty fun one at that.
The plastic stands are called "navigation guides," which I guess is the Star Wars consumer-approved way to say "finger puppets."
We worked up quite the appetite, guess that stomach bug was short-lived.

You're going to want to dunk that donut right in the coffee, guys, the restaurant didn't get its name by accident. Oh, and it's a French Kruller, because they're the best.

It wasn't what I expected from my morning which began with me nearly losing my temper over how many times this kid has been sick this winter. I commented to Grant that it feels like we've been stuck in the breakers, barely getting our feet back under us when another wave of sickness just rolls in and knocks us out again. But it was a great morning, as much for its unexpectedness as for its forced lack of agenda. We get these little gifts sometimes, reminders to slow down and put away the to do list for just a second. Sometimes it takes a cracked windshield, or a stomach flu to make us pay attention to them.

So yeah, thanks, Universe.

Little last thoughts with Little Guy:

I liked going to the store because I saw an Ewok, and now I feel better. Do you want the Millennium Falcon or the TIE Fighter to win in a battle?


  1. So that's where the sharks in the Chicago River originated. I was wondering...

    1. And I didn't even warn you! As a former lifeguard, I sincerely apologize, and I swear by my tan lines and David Hasselhoff that it will never happen again.