Monday, May 9, 2016

Deer Death Experiences

Devotees of "Dragan Tales" will remember that a few posts back I mentioned trail running in West Virginia and the deer carcass that I encountered. Little did you know that I actually returned to the very same spot with the Little Dragans the next day for some extra exploration!

The kind folks at the City Creatures Blog, an extension of the Humans and Nature project, were good enough to publish the essay I wrote about this experience. I hope you'll enjoy reading about our experience coming face to face with mortality in the country and the city through a child's eye.

Deer Death Experiences: Dust to Dust, in the Country and the City

I'm very grateful to Gavin Van Horn for his editing support and the opportunity to share my writing. Check out the rest of the blog while you're over there! I've been reading the blog and the associated journal for many months and they never fail to provoke thoughts and questions that linger. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, etc. or leave a comment.

Bonus: My author pic was actually taken by Little Guy! Yep, he's four and already a published photographer!

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