Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pepperoni Rolls

You asked for it, and the Little Dragans have delivered!

Our post on West Virginia left many of you wondering about these mythical pepperoni rolls of lore. If I could fit all of you in my mid-size SUV and cart you over hill and dale to the Little General convenience store off Route 19, I would gladly treat each of you to a bite of this splendor. But alas, not all of our wishes can come true. You can check out this great recipe from "Chickens in the Road" that the kids used to make pepperoni rolls last weekend!

Since we didn't modify too much, I'll let you visit her charming site for the recipe, but I'll leave you with some pictures of the process and a quick review.

This recipe calls for cheese baked into the dough, not gonna say no to that!

There aren't enough words to express how much I love this picture. Can we just nominate Grant for president and use this as his campaign poster? P.S. He's still too young, so stop asking him.
The finished product! Note the bits of pepperoni baked into the roll. Outstanding.

These are the second-best pepperoni rolls I have ever tasted. I award them only the penultimate grand prize because truly a hot, glistening-with-grease pepperoni roll in a wax paper envelope from Little General is a phenomenon to behold. These, however, have a great ratio of goodies to dough, have just enough sweetness in the dough to cut the saltiness of the pepperoni, and crisp up nicely around the edges. I've eaten at least one per day since they made them. Today I thought there was one left and I couldn't wait to devour it for lunch after my long run. I don't have a picture of my face when I found the tupperware was empty, but suffice it to say it wasn't pretty.

Do you guys like baking with your kids? In theory, I do. It's very "Montessori," and all. I just find that I get frustrated with them easily and end up taking over. 

Grant, on the other hand, loves baking with them. He and B used to make waffles once a month and she would sit up on the counter with her legs dangling over the side. At age 2 she used to point to the counter and say, "I sit here, don't move!" imitating his admonition to her. He makes biscuits with the kids once a month (do you want that recipe too?) and strawberries and cream each year for Wimbledon. I handle a lot of the outdoor adventures around here, but the kitchen is his space with the kids. 
Look at tiny B in our tinier old apartment!! I probably had to stand on our bed to take that picture.

Little last thoughts with Little Guy:
I liked rolling out the dough with Dad because you get to roll it back and forth. It's better to cook with Dad because he's like three years older than you, Mom.
This is not even a little bit true, but I'm putting it on the blog because that's exactly what he said. And now it's published.


  1. Aha! Another trait that you inherited from me, " I get frustrated and take over." Remember " Holiday Cookies"?

    1. Of course I remember "Holiday Cookies!" How funny that you remember that as "frustrating"—I see it as an example of my jovial holiday spirit and uncanny knack for spontaneous lyric writing. :)