Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pilsen reads!

Children who grow up with more books at home end up with an average of three more years of "schooling" than children with fewer books, independent of other factors including education and occupation of their parents. (Source)

And yet, 61% of low-income families have no age-appropriate books in their home.
There is only one book for every 300 children in low-income neighborhoods.
How can we change this in Chicago? What obligation do authors have to bridge this gap?

As we began to envision what a proper "launch" event for Rickshaw Reggie would look like, one theme became clear: it had to give back to the communities featured in the book.

One way we are trying to achieve that goal is by combining the event with a book drive for Pilsen Community Books and the Pilsen Reads project.
(All photos in this post courtesy of Pilsen Community Books, used with permission)

Pilsen Community Books is everything you would want in an independent bookstore. It's in a charming space, has well-read and engaged owners, a great location, and creative events.

That's not all. They've set up a whole new business model with a mission to promote literacy in their neighborhood.

Pilsen Community Books accepts donations of books to be redistributed to local schools or to be sold as used books with the proceeds directly benefitting the same program. And they're donating A LOT.

So far they've donated 1,664 books valued at $6,106.00 and benefitting more than a 1000 local students!

We're so excited to be partnering with Pilsen Community Books and supporting them through a book drive at the Rickshaw Reggie Chicago Neighborhoods book launch block party!

How does it work?:

Simple. While you're making room on your bookshelf for your brand new copy of Rickshaw Reggie, go through your adult or children's books and find some that you would like to donate.
All books are accepted with four exceptions: NO encyclopedias, magazines, pre-collegiate textbooks, or cigarette-soaked books, please.

Bring the books to the launch and be entered into a raffle for a free signed copy of Rickshaw Reggie, just for donating!

Can't make it to the launch?
Check out Pilsen Community Books at their 18th St location! (Hint: You can use your Pilsen/Chinatown Map from Rickshaw Reggie Chicago Neighborhoods!)

Read more about their story online:

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