Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Real Life Rickshaws!!

                  Rickshaw Reggie is able to fly around the whole city of Chicago in one night, showcasing some of its most iconic neighborhoods while giving Charlie and his grandma the ride of a lifetime. Lucky them.

                  But did you know that there are close to 100 real life rickshaw (or pedicab) drivers who pedal around Chicago every day? On a sunny morning, little Miss B and I had a chance to meet two of them: Dale and Dan. They gave us some insight into the cheers and gears of rickshaw driving and treated us to a rollicking ride we’ll never forget!
                    Rickshaw Dale, a graphic design teacher by trade, was inspired to drive a rickshaw while touring the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan peninsula. His wife thought maybe the hot Mexican sun had gotten to him, and never gave it another thought. But that didn’t deter Dale who came home and met Dan, a seasoned veteran of the bike lanes, who introduced him to the ins and outs of the job.

                  “I always loved riding my bike,” says Rickshaw Dale, “Even as a young boy. Riding my bike is the closest I’ll ever feel to flying.”
                  Flying around the city, offering tours and scenic routes to tourists and locals alike took some practice. On his first night out, Dale actually lost money. As the years have gone on, however, and with Dan’s help, Dale now owns his “trike”—equipped with LED lights, phone charging station, customized music, sun shade, and decorative giraffe—and enjoys the extra income while keeping fit.

                  “Buckingham Fountain is my office,” he explains, “I get to enjoy the beauty of Chicago in the summer, keep fit, meet nice people, and spread joy. No one ever has a bad time on a ride.”

                  Dan couldn’t agree more about the perks of the job.

                  “I ride my tricycle around the city and talk to people,” Dan says with his trademark 400-watt grin. Everybody knows Dan, and they all like him too. He’s even connected to rickshaw drivers around the country who use Facebook to swap tales. Like his friend down in Florida who pulled Shaquille O’Neal the other night—and didn’t even realize who it was!
                  On our ride with Rickshaw Dale we passed the brunch crowds of West Fulton Market while enjoying gorgeous views of the skyline and the fresh air. Dale has a friendly wave and a howdy-doo for everyone we see. A typical day for him starts at the Willis Tower and winds around the Loop, the lakeshore, and Buckingham Fountain. At $10/rider plus mileage and tips, it might be more of an investment than bus fare, but his customers appreciate the chance to learn about the city from a new perspective. It’s about the experience, never just the destination.
                  Rickshaw Dale grew up in the Portage Park neighborhood (featured in Rickshaw Reggie!) and has loved this city his whole life. Next time you’re looking for a unique way to explore the city, or for a friendly local to spin a yarn or two, he hopes you’ll flag him, Dan, or one of their other driver friends down for a ride!

                  But what did little Miss B have to say about our ride?
                  “I really enjoy driving around in rickshaws. Even if they don’t fly!”

                Are you interested in taking a rickshaw ride? Come to the book launch! See the facebook evite or e-mail the author: kathleen.dragan@gmail.com for more details!

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